We offer 2 services: (1) our online training to analyse flow and mass cytometry data and (2) we can analyse your mass cytometry data within 2 days. Most of the questions you would have regarding our analysis offer can be answered here. 

Flow cytometry analysis tools

What should I do to have my mass cytometry data analyzed?

It is better to send us FCS files (one per sample), that are pre-gated on single immune cells. Also, we recommend to remove beads and doublets and debarcode the files as well. You can send us an Excel sheet explaining which FCS file correspond to each group.

To upload your FCS files, go to our Pro WeTransfer account. If you like you, also can specify the type of comparison you would like us to do by sending us an email or just by filling the request form

A short example, if you send us 8 FCS files, you indicate that samples 1, 2, 3 and 4 are assigned to group 1 and samples 5, 6, 7 and 8 to group 2. We will compare those 2 groups. You can also join additional information to each sample, we will check if a pattern can be found. 

There is no need to send patient IDs, or any other sample specifics that would breach confidentiality, such as names of molecules or compounds that are being tested. Confidentiality is therefore not broken.

What can you expect from our services?

Our goal is to make our customized pipeline profitable for everyone. After receiving your request to analyze your data, we will send you our quotation. However, if we feel that we are not able to take on the job to analyze your data, we will inform you. 

We start our service upon reception of your files. We send back our analysis to you within a couple of days, less than a week. 

You can expect a report with 3 parts; the quality check, the visual representation of your data (an example is showcased here) and the statistical part. 

Can I use the results you sent me?

You can use the data as you wish in publications as long as you are citing the original articles we use to perform the analysis. This will be detailed on the result page you will receive. VisuaLyte does not need to be mentioned at any time.  

We already published some of our work, you might like to read those papers

How long does it take?

It will take a couple of hours or days to get your analysis done depending on the number of samples you provided.  

What happens to my data after the analysis?

After we delivered your analysis results, we will make sure to send all your data back to you. We will not keep your data after our services are carried out. If we do not receive any other request, then after a two-week grace period we will delete all your data/files.